Praying with Presley
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Praying with Presley

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Miss Joanne
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Prayer is an important part of leading a Christian life. Its a habit you want to teach your children as soon as possible, but how? It can be hard for young children to understand what prayer is aboutand how it relates to the Bible.
Aimed at children between the ages of four and eight, Praying with Presley author, Miss Joanne, shows how you can use the alphabetsomething your child is likely already familiar withto learn how to pray. Your child will discover, in a fun way, how to memorize Bible verses and read Bible stories. Each letter of the alphabet represents a basic prayer principle, such as A is for asking; B is for believing; and C is for confession. While enjoying poems, stories, and pictures, children apply what they learn about the Bible. All scriptural references are to the childrens edition of the New American Standard Bible.

Not only will your children enjoy reading Praying with Presley, you will, too. As your children grow, they can read the book on their own, and even to their siblings and friends. They pass along the seeds of prayer and faith you plant in their young lives.

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