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My God—One Jew’S Views

Autobiographical Thoughts and Poems
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Joshua Katz
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My God--One Jews Views: Autobiographical Thoughts and Poems captures in related essays, ruminations, and poems the milestones that mark Joshua Katzs life. He claims his Jewish identity while grappling with its meaning for his life, just as he finds both solace and challenge in contemplating Gods role in his daily affairs.
In the course of surveying the authors own life and thoughts, My God--One Jews Views takes the reader on a journey through times of education, recreation, love, marriage, and the heart-wrenching loss of children through still-birth and suicide. These events provoke thoughts about Gods nature, the point of religious practice, and the very search for lifes meaning.

Placed like interludes amid honest, introspective prose, are poems that explore the authors feelings as he experiences lifes passage. Mixing questions and observations, these poems confront the reader with the essence of the authors life. In Belief, for example, he writes, To believe or not--that is lifes question. / I think of my wife and smile with comprehension. / Until the waves stop crashing ashore, / Together lets be happy forever more!

Mem>My God--One Jews Views: Autobiographical Thoughts and Poems does not avoid the most personal and intimate details of the authors life, yet in that specificity lies the key to making a universal appeal. If you feel love in your life, if you know pain in your days, if youve ever questioned Gods purpose or whether religion really matters (regardless of your religion), then My God--One Jews Views will speak to you.

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