Most Wanted Sheep
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Most Wanted Sheep

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Jenna Russell Harris
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Welcome to Sleepyville, where counting sheep helps children sleep. Every evening, the sheep clock in at 8 p.m. sharp, ready to be counted. 1234but where is number 5? One sheep is missing!
Number 5, Woolard Wooliam Woolbur Smith the fifth, is tired of being counted and has left his flock for greener pastures. Maybe, with the help of a costume shop, he can be happy as a duck or a pig or a cow. Meanwhile, his flock of sheep try to find a replacement, but its no use. They need their number 5 back. Working together, the sheep set out to search for Woolard. Will they find this most wanted sheep before its too late?

In this illustrated childrens book, one wayward sheep embarks on a journey to find happiness but soon realizes his number really counts.

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