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The New Old Testament

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Cary J. Stegman
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In our age of smart phones, television and world-wide airline travelof moon landings and rockets voyaging beyond our galaxyof heart transplants and manipulations of viruses to cure cancerof elegant medical images of the human body produced by magnetic fields, do we make policy decisions based on age-old superstition, ignorance and dogma or by analytic thinking based on proven fact?
Can a better world be built by planting the bad seeds of Biblical testament? The history of millennia and current events provide the answer.


Scientific method has resulted in technologies that have provided enormous benefits to humanity. Critical thinking, the essence of scientific method, not delusion, is imperative to establish policies that can help alleviate human suffering. Are we more likely to ameliorate global warming, end water shortages, conquer hunger/poverty, and cure cancer by prayer or by scientific research?

With oft-sly humor and serious ethical debate, The New Old Testament addresses the all-too-seldom asked question: Where more wisely is the nobility of the human spirit found? In religion or in science?

In this story of enlightenment through compassion and critical thinking, God becomes Man and Man becomes God, consequently creating a kinder, nobler world.

You will laughmaybe snicker. You will cry. You will question. But most of all you will think!

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