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Unfinished Business

The Mother Trucker
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Nadine Shelby Schramm
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The sixth of eleven children, author Nadine Shelby Schramm was born in Charleston, Arkansas, just as the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was a very different and difficult life. In Unfinished Business, she shares the story of her journey from that small town in Arkansas to becoming a business woman in New York City.
In this memoir, she narrates how, as a youngster of ten, she plowed the fields behind two 1,600-pound horses with her blind father at her side. She learned at that early age one can accomplish anything with will power. Despite many challenges she endured in adulthood, including abuse at the hands of her first husband, she started four successful businesses including Budd Leasing, one of the leading theatrical trucking companies in the United States.

Unfinished Business shares the lows and the highs of Schramms life and the lessons learned throughout. It communicates the message that one can rise above their own self-doubt, make changes, and achieve their lifes dreams.

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