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Customer-Anchored Supply Chains

An Executive’S Guide to Building Competitive Advantage in the Oil Patch
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Gary Flaharty
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Customer-Anchored Supply Chains introduces oilfield service executives to the twin concepts of customer-anchored supply chains and customer-applications as important concepts for setting supply-chain strategy to build sustainable competitive advantage. Written for the executive responsible for leading the supply chain organization, Customer-Anchored Supply Chains presents leading practices for supply chain, proven in many other industries, in straightforward terms, showing the applicability to the oilfield service industry. The Customer-Anchored Supply Chain:
Takes ownership for the broad supply chain from its suppliers suppliers to its customers customers.
Segments its business by customer-application to focus its efforts on providing the products and services its customers value as captured in critical success factors.
Sets its strategic goals to simultaneously achieve supply-chain imperatives (HS&E and quality), shareholder-driven goals, and customer-anchoring goals.
Drives customer requirements deep into the sales and operations planning, manufacturing, and procurement processes.
Implements supply-chain initiatives to tighten the links in the supply chain value stream to deliver the products and services the customer wants in short lead times, at the lowest cost and with less inventory.
Delivers on the promise of building sustainable competitive advantage.

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