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Pickles, Poems, and Prayers

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Shawn Cook
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I remember when youWere my only friend,
The thought, the feeling
That all was lost
Until I knelt down,
And touched that cross ...

At one time in his life, Shawn Cook became angry with God, lost all hope, and subsequently embarked on a journey of self-destruction that led him down paths he never could have imagined. With the intent of illustrating to others that there is always hope, no matter how dire the circumstances, Cook shares his first compilation of poetry that offers a glimpse into his twenty-plus-year quest for peace, acceptance, and love.

Cooks verse touches on many issues that highlight his internal struggles as he attempted to find happiness and fill the void within him. Through honest, sometimes heartbreaking reflections, Cook divulges how, when he was lost, broken, and at his wits end, he finally found his completeness in Jesus Christ.

Pickles, Poems, and Prayers shares one mans poetic journey of self-discovery as he climbs out of the darkness of despair to embrace hope, faith, love, and a new beginning.

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