The “Lost” Dog
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The “Lost” Dog

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Jim Blickenstaff
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Sometimes the bond between human and dog seems to reach beyond the natural world. This true and personal story reveals the power of that bond.
Author Jim Blickenstaff is a mailman who had long since given up on getting another dog, feeling that the end of their short life was just too painful for him to bear again. But one day he came across a lost dog on his route. A dog that quickly won its way into his heart. He searches for the original owner and thats when things got interesting. Turns out his new friend had a plan. It seems he and his dying father were to be a big part of it.

In this illustrated true story, one man tells the intriguing tale of what appears, at first, to simply be a chance encounter with a lost dog. But, is it really? - A challenging question. One that, ultimately, the reader will have to decide.

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