A Rainbow of Poetry for Children
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A Rainbow of Poetry for Children

With Pictures and Coloring Book
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Miriam Kam Weisbrod
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Poems for young children, meant to inspire
imagination, creativity and enjoyment.

In her second collection of verse, poet Miriam Kam Weisbrod invites children into the world of imagination through reflections that touch on relatable themes like toys, animals, nature, and fictional characters.

Along with poetry that will inspire little ones to learn, Miriam Weisbrod provides pictures and space for children to express their creativity through colorful drawings. From a little old lady who needs a bit of help during a rainstorm to tiny elves who march along in a column of twelve, Miriam Weisbrod leads children down a magical path where dreams come true and happiness is encouraged.

A Rainbow of Poetry for Children shares playful verse, vibrant pictures, and a coloring book that will encourage children to read, smile, and create beauty in their own worlds.

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