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Monkey Flip-Flop’S Adventure

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Carol Witmer
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Monkey Flip-Flop has an important job. As a flip-flop (decorated with monkey faces), he must protect Lauras feet from hot pavement and sharp stones during warm weather. Every summer, he goes on adventures with Laura, and this time theyre going to the Chesapeake Bay- how exciting!
While there, he and Laura slosh through the grass and run up and down rickety old steps. But when Laura is resting on the edge of the dock, Monkey Flip-Flop falls off into the water, and neither Laura nor her grandpa can reach him. All night long, he floats alone, encountering fish and beetles and birds and wondering what will happen to him. Even worse is the thought that he might have become unwanted and discarded trash in the bay. How will he ever get home to Laura?

In this environmentally conscious childrens story, a lost flip-flop learns about the wildlife in the Chesapeake Bay and about the dangers of littering as he finds his way back to his owner.

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