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Daring Divas

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PJ Karr Ph.D.
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To be? To become? These heartfelt and authentic questions lead us to pursue the rare, less traveled pathways and optimistic ventures. In Daring Divas, author Dr. PJ Karr offers a commanding and creative book to inspire and celebrate women in their life journey.
The lofty, mystical, and enterprising character of daring divas appears with themes, stories, and epiphanies. Karr offers inspiration to help recharge your soul-filled life and to redeem and enrich your life force, spirit of becoming, and unconditional regard for the potential of choice and change in our fast-paced society. Daring Divas teaches you how to coax feminine vulnerability into formidable strength.

Selective stories reveal the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood, our perfect imperfections as women, and epiphanies of grace, gratitude, and abundance. Space after each chapter allows you to journal about your reflections, inspirations, and free spirit. Daring Divas presents a celebration of women as daring divas and serves as an inspirational reminder to become a kindred spirit with all of your connections and the present moment of now.

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