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Pillars of Time

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R. J. Robin
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Karen Jacobs has been mysteriously transported from her twenty-first-century world to an unknown time and place. After the initial shock, she adjusts and learns the ways of the new land; five years later she believes she is coping well.
Considered an ignorant outcast by the ruling class, Karennow called Karn and disguising herself as a boy for safetyhas managed to preserve her independence and privacy on a farm of her own in the land of Tidrine. Her new homeland holds many secrets and mysteries, including the pillars that took her from her own time. The class structure of the place promotes suspicion and distrust, and the aristocracy can be tyrannical. Even worse, Karens own secret is in danger as well. The vicious and manipulative High Priest, the supreme ruler of Tidrine, seems determined to enslave her as his personal servant. Now she must decide whether to flee and begin building a new life all over againor whether to stand up for herself and choose a different path.

In this fantasy novel, a twenty-first-century woman trapped in a world beyond her imagination must build a new life in the face of dangerous and unusual powers.

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