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The Perils of the Young Blacks

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Daniel Iyeks
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Some young blacks start a race and can only watch helplessly as their white peers get a ten-meter head start. They have little or nothing to eat or to hope for, and they move from shelter to sheltertrying to catch up.
As a black man, Daniel Iyeks, who has lived in underprivileged neighborhoods in New York, Atlanta, and Houston for more than thirty years, knows very well the struggles that young blacks face. In this candid look at Americas underlying racial problems, he examines the obstacles to success, including some that are self-imposed.
While he gives credit to black parents who tell their children they must work twice as hard as white children to be equally as successful, he challenges young blacks who focus instead on mastering the streetsas well as those blacks who have moved out of the ghettos and ignore the misfortunes of the underprivileged.
Its time for politicians, clergy members, black leaders, and black families to seek real solutions to problems and work together to solve The Perils of the Young Blacks.

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