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Peter Pumpkin Goes Trick-Or-Treating

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Peter Nanra
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Halloween is a special and exciting time for pumpkins. They play games, light fireworks, and eat lots of candy.
But nothing beats trick-or-treating, and Peter Pumpkin is finally getting his chance to leave the pumpkin patch and join the other pumpkins for the festivities.

He gets a surprise when his sister, Petrina, tells him that instead of trick-or-treating with the communal group, hell be joining her and her friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

First, they must get prepared, and a primary order of business is deciding what theyll wear on their journey. They also need to be safe, because if they meet a witch, ghost or ghoul, they could be turned into pumpkin pies or worse.

The pumpkins also know that Wanda--the evil ghoul--might invade the pumpkin patch if she figures out where the pumpkins keep their candy. In fact, if she had her way, shed exterminate all the pumpkins.

Join the pumpkins as they enjoy a rite of passage and navigate an exciting but dangerous Halloween tradition that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years.

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