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Fawn Bry

An Allegorical Tale of Loss
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Louella Whidden Hollingsworth
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Fawn Bry is a shy young deer who is different from all the others in his herd. Gifted with the ability to hear even the tiniest of sounds, Bry is always the first to warn the other deer of danger. Together with his best friend, Doe Wynn, Bry runs, jumps, and plays for hours in the beautiful meadows.One day when Bry and Doe Mother are grazing away from the rest of the herd, he hears a sound that causes his ears and tail to perk up. After Bry and his mother hide in the brush away from the danger he senses, they finally emerge to discover Doe Wynn is gone forever. Now Bry must find comfort in his memories as he grows older and happiness as life is created once again.
Fawn Bry shares the poignant tale of a special young deers journey through loss as he learns about the circle of life and how to honor his friends memory.

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