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Adventures in Teaching Military Brats

Travels, Recipes, and Tips
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Rose Porter
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Rose Porter didnt hear about the Department of Defense Dependent Schools until she was well on her way to becoming a teacher at the University of South Florida in Tampa.She immediately knew she wanted to teach at or near a U.S. military installation but was told that shed need a masters degree. Plus, only the very best candidates were hired.
Despite those challenges, she eventually found herself packing her bags to Newfoundland, which was considered a remote, unpleasant, hardship assignment. Known as a one-year area, it was for new employees who swore theyd go anywhere in the world during the interview process.
That first assignment was tough, but it didnt stop her from staying on to teach at exotic places throughout the world, learning interesting recipes, seeing sights not on any tourist map, and navigating cultures that most people only read about in books.
Join a lifelong educator as she looks back at the exciting times shes spent teaching children, other teachers, parents, her own family, and friends in Adventures in Teaching Military Brats.

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