Sophie and Jack: a Pirate Adventure
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Sophie and Jack: a Pirate Adventure

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Bernadette Balcer
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Sophie the cat and Jack the dog are bored; what they need is a little fun! They love swimming, surfing, and treasure hunting. The two adventurers find a treasure map that brings them face to face with pirates. This might not be the fun they had in mind!
If you like cats, dogs, and pirates, then follow Sophie and Jack as they run across the sand, into the ocean, and over the waves on an epic adventure to find a mysterious treasure. Youll travel with them on a pirate ship, where youll meet some strange and unusual mateys.

Join Sophie and Jack on their fun and exciting treasure hunt, and then, after their story, find some pirate activities of your own--like making coins, maps, and cakes. You can leave your boredom behind with this adventurous pair of furry friends.

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