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Daily Hassles of Being a Kid

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Justin Bucher
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Jacob Hayes is an average kid, and he doesnt appreciate the responsibilities hes expected to tackle on a daily basis.
For example, every so often, his mom will go to the basement, take a few steps down the stairs, and say, Oh, time to change the kitty litter. Theres nothing worse than taking out that horrible, smelly heap of litter.

And if his mom knew about the lump of greenish-gray fuzz in his closet, she might send in a biohazard waste removal team to clean his room instead of asking him to do it himself.

For every one of Jacobs responsibilities or hassles, as he calls it, he has come up with his own outrageous solution. To fix his messy room problem, Jacob believes, his mom needs to find a way to keep the house clean all on her own, because if she doesnt, everyone in the house might get turned into mutant-undead-zombies.

Jacobs solutions or fix, as he calls it will have you doubled-over laughing over the Daily Hassles of Being a Kid.

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