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The Greys

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Eric Werner
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Captain Thomas Krueger is a Marine commander who has just returned from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. After he is awarded for his heroism during a violent battle where beings from another world made a surprising appearance, Krueger is reassigned by his Afghan commander to Camp Pendleton, California, to complete SEAL training and investigate recent activity by the mysterious alien presence known as the Greys.
As Krueger slowly learns of the extent and complexity of the alien presence, he is joined by Samuel Diaz, a naval physicist who helps him understand the mission of the Greys: to observe and influence civilization--sometimes with deadly consequences. Along their journey, the two men are united with a beautiful starlet and harassed by a suspicious CIA leader, all while the Greys speed up the timetable on their evolutionary experiment. As the heroes are placed in one dangerous situation after the other, their battle escalates into a last-ditch effort to save the people of Washington, D.C. before the Greys enslave them all.

In this science fiction thriller, military investigators take on a challenging assignment to expose the activities of an alien group determined to infiltrate humanity and control mankind forever.

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