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To Caroline—Love, Auntie

A Novel
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Linda Graf
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Scientist and engineer Lauren Giulio knows she cannot ignore her inner voice anymore. Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her deceased father’s childhood and uncover the events that lured both her father and her down a path contrary to cultural and social attitudes, Lauren ignores her husband’s concerns about her emotional well-being and travels to her father’s home in Panni, Italy, with the hope of finding answers.

After Lauren’s plane lands in Rome, her husband’s fears become a reality when a cab driver shares intimate details of his family that disconcertingly mirrored her own. When she arrives at her father’s house and begins reminiscing about the past, Lauren is comforted by her cousin, Gabriella, who imparts her warmth and understanding as Lauren reveals her innermost thoughts and the struggles she has overcome. But Gabriella is not the only one providing comfort to Lauren. As strange coincidences begin to make sense, Lauren soon realizes that she is being gently guided by other loving forces in her quest for answers.

To Caroline—Love, Auntie is the compelling tale of a woman’s journey across the globe to Italy where she uncovers her father’s past, overcomes her demons, and discovers her destiny.

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