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A Christmas to Remember

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Andy Bartnowak
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Like most children, Danny Ryan believes in the magic of Christmas and Santa. He has heard rumors and whispers at school that Santa is a myth, that its just something parents made up, but he never really paid any attention to it. When Danny turns eleven, he begins having serious doubts. Maybe Santa isnt real; maybe its something only little kids believe in.Beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus and generally finding himself down in his Christmas spirit while working on his familys Christmas tree farm, Danny and his brothers Patrick and Ben embark on a magical, reawakening journey with the mysterious Mr. Cunningham-or Mr. C.
From the beginning, Danny senses theres something different about old Sam Cunningham. Is Sam really the kind, elderly gentlemen he pretends to be, or is he the person Dannys younger brothers believe he is? Just when Danny thinks hes beginning to find the answers to his questions, a much bigger surprise awaits the entire Ryan family. It takes one very special night for Danny to find the answers he has been looking for about Santa and discover the true spirit of Christmas.

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