Wyatt Lily in the City
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Wyatt Lily in the City

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Rachel Uchitel
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Wyatt Lily loves just about everything--except bedtime.
As the clock strikes eight, Wyatt hopes her mom will forget that it is time for bed. She asks for water, tickles, and hugs, but her mom just gives her a kiss and shuts off the light. Little Wyatt is certain there is an adventure waiting for her and her two dogs, Rudy and Ozzy, in a city that never sleeps. As soon as her mom nods off, Wyatt dons her pink cowboy boots and princess crown, whistles for a taxi, and heads with Rudy and Ozzy to experience all the wonders of New York City that include playful animals, glitter and rides, and spectacular new friends.

In this colorful tale for children, a little girl learns that bedtime is not so bad--with help from her powerful and magical imagination.

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