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Death & Taxes

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Richard V. Rupp
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It had started out to be such a good year until he screwed things up. As a determined employee headed toward Edison Shaws office at the IRS Service Center in Fresno, California, he knows what he must do to protect his interests. A few moments after he enters Shaws office and closes the door for their meeting, the man pulls out a gun, points it at Shaws temple, and pulls the trigger just as planned.
In this compelling crime thriller, Dick Hartmann is a seasoned FBI agent who heads up San Franciscos Violent Crime Squad. When he and his elite squad are assigned to investigate a suspicious death at the IRS Service Center in Fresno, theyre soon led into the bowels of the citys largest street gang the Bulldogs. As the case grabs the attention of Americas president, the squad travels to Los Angeles and then to Mexico where they must infiltrate a drug cartel to take down a gang member with the power to ruin the lives of millions of American taxpayers. Now only time will tell if they can stop him before it is too late.

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