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Sofort lieferbar | Lieferzeit: Sofort lieferbar I
Shalene Shellenbarger
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Angel Elizabeth Brady is just seven years old when her life takes a terrible turn. When she loses both her parents on the same day in two separate tragedies, she sadly decides that love makes everything painful.
Years later, Angel is diligently working toward a masters degree in Psychology when she decides to transform her boring image and go clubbing with her friend, Shelly. But when she and Shelly are ambushed outside the club by determined thugs, the two girls unwillingly become victims of human trafficking. After she takes desperate measures to escape her horrifying fate and save Shelly, Angel is rescued by a handsome police officer whose dedication to her safety soon goes beyond sworn duty. Unfortunately, even that may not be enough to shield her from a dangerous criminal who wants revenge.

In this gripping thriller, a young woman must rely on her friends, grandmother, and a devoted public servant to find the strength to cope when the unimaginable happens and rocks her world.

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