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Angels Live Among Us

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Dr. Franklin D. Battle Sr
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Many people in the body of Christ may not be aware of the role of angels in our lives and how vitally important they are to believers. There are two worlds at workthe visible and the invisibleand angels are important participants.
In his book Angels Live among Us, author Franklin D. Battle outlines the many instances in the Bible where angels play important roles in Gods relationships with humankind. He provides Scriptures that will educate you on who these angels really are. You will learn the ranks and names of the angels, as well as those who have fallen. Battle also provides guidance in how to ask God to send angels to minister to you. He shares many of his experiences with angels, which will encourage and inspire you to believe.

Angels Live among Us puts angels in their proper place in biblical history. Whether used for group Bible study, individual study, or seminars, it provides the opportunity to appreciate the roles angels played in Christianity and can play in your life.

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