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Exciting Times of an Ordinary Mormon

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Keith L. Hancock
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Life is often filled with exciting experiences--ups and downs and good times and bad as one grows and matures. In Exciting Times of an Ordinary Mormon, author Keith L. Hancock recounts stories from his life as an ordinary Mormon who grew up during difficult circumstances on a Canadian farm and experienced his parents steady climb toward economic stability.
In this memoir, Hancock shares how he was called to serve on a mission in Argentina and later built a rewarding and adventurous life with his wife, Connie, and eventually their children and grandchildren. From playing by the river with his older brother Cal, to listening to Connies singing, to building a professional career and serving in his church, Hancock shares many of his lifes highlights.

From Hancocks birth to the present, Exciting Times of an Ordinary Mormon narrates the story of a man who lived life to the fullest.

Praise for
Exciting Times of an Ordinary Mormon

This book, Exciting Times of an Ordinary Mormon, exemplifies the value and benefit of keeping a journal. Drawing from a lifetime of meticulous recordkeeping, Keith Hancock has written an engaging and well-crafted memoir that will stand as a legacy to his posterity. He weaves a fervent testimony through the account of his many accomplishments, the greatest of which, in his own words, is his family. Lessons on life abound within these pages and serve as a witness that his life has been anything but ordinary.
--Darrel Nelson, Author

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