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The Dragon, the Captain, the Mermaid, and Me

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Helen Fouraker
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In an enchanted land, twelve-year-old Ian Ryan and his sister, Shiobahn, live with their family. One day after the sun rises over Iremere, Ian sets out to find a fire-breathing dragon rumored to live in the nearby cliffs. Despite Ians unwillingness to bring her along, little Shiobahn secretly follows him on his journey. Shortly after the children arrive at the cliffs, they encounter the dragon and are carried off to his cave.
AnKeCh explains he is a prince who has been transformed into a dragon by witches, does not know how to break the curse, and wants to find his childhood friend, Ainsley, and marry her. But what he does not know is that Ainsley, who believes her prince is dead, has fallen in love with a sea captain. After Ian is dropped at home during a dangerous ride with the dragon, AnKeCh takes Shiobahn back to his cave where he promises not to eat her. But when fairies make an appearance and share a secret, everything changes as Shiobahn decides to do whatever it takes to restore the princes happiness.

In this adventurous tale, a little girl must rely on help from her new magical friends to help a prince reverse a curse and reunite with his long lost love.

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