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Predictable Corporate Sales

Demystify, Take Control, and Consistently Win Corporate Sales Without Cold-Calling, Referrals, or Losing Your Mind
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Duane Glader
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Trying to sell a product or service to a corporation is like navigating a maze: You think you know where youre going, but then you hit a wall.Duane Glader, MBA, has spent almost forty years in sales, and he guides you through the twists and turns that prevent corporate salespeople from achieving their goals. His specific techniques and street smart observations will help you:
schedule meetings with decision makers without the need for cold calling or getting a referral;
take important steps to boost credibility with the right people;
transform verbal agreements into written commitments;
jumpstart sales that have stalled.
Glader also decodes when Yes means Maybe , and Maybe means No, why all corporate executives are driven by time and fear (and how you can use this to your advantage), and the critical skills and attributes that all successful salespeople must have or develop.
Oozing with battle-tested strategies and real-world examples, youll close more sales than you ever thought possible with the Predictable Corporate Sales.
This book will help rookie and seasoned sales professionals manage through complex decision cycles by picking up the right clues and indicators to close more deals, and as important, not squander time and resources on ones they wont win.
David Gahn, president, Corporate Graphics International, a Taylor Corporation Company

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