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The Chicken with No Feathers on Its Wings

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David Bergman
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A baby chicken with no feathers on its wings tries to be like all the other chickens but they do not accept him as one of their own. The baby chicken is so sad until a frog covered in warts encourages him to travel on a journey to find out where he belongs.
Now filled with excitement and purpose the chicken with no feathers on its wings begins a quest that first leads him to a flock of geese then pink flamingos and finally a group of turkeys who all assure him that does not belong with them. But as soon as the baby chicken returns home without any answers he makes the amazing discovery that no chicken looks alike and that it is good to be different.

In this amusing and heartwarming childrens story a baby chicken with no feathers on its wings learns about diversity, acceptance and why it is so important to embrace his uniqueness.

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