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Special Delivery

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Claudia Buntyn
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As a child Cora Williams spent many happy summer days with her grandparents in rural Missouri. When the opportunity to purchase their now neglected farm comes her way, Cora happily leaves her old life behind and embraces the adventure of a lifetime. As a veterinarian Cora is quickly able to secure work, begins restoring the family farm, and soon falls into the easy flow of life in a small town. Her peaceful existence is shattered one afternoon when she crosses paths with a giant of a man who attacks her without provocation. Despite his quick arrest, Cora is shaken to the core with dread of facing him at trial. After the court fails to bring him to justice, she is driven to desperation by his sneering taunts. Cora devises a plan to rectify the situation and soon finds that exacting punishment is a double edged sword.
Now isolated from the community she loves Cora wonders if she will ever fully live again. Just as quickly a tall lanky cowpoke teases his way into her heart and helps her find the courage to face the world.

Special delivery is a spell binding tale of homespun justice as a small town veterinarian takes matters into her own hands after a traumatic turn of events.

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