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The Primal Contradiction

My Escape from the Pitfall of Self-Delusion
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Daniel St. Clair
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The Primal Contradiction: My Escape from the Pitfall of Self-Delusion presents the spiritual memoir of Daniel St. Clair, who examines his own life, beginning with his memories as a young child. He shares his search for an explanation for the profound sense of solitude he shouldered through the years of his youth. Finally, his exploration brings him to a realization of the truth that he had been living by a pretense and that, all along, the real truth of his life had been pursuing him.
Grounded in the detailed recollections of a personal history, the chapters of The Primal Contradiction entwine those stories with the seasoned reflections of the authors look back on his own life. Chapter titles indicate the kinds of topics the author explores: Adolescence, And Then I Die, Awakened, Good Dog, The Cost, Doubt, and Going Home.

If you find either inspiration or consolationor bothin sharing anothers journey of self-discovery, then The Primal Contradiction: My Escape from the Pitfall of Self-Delusion will provide you with a thoughtful, honest, and truth-seeking account of one mans journey from self-delusion to the recognition of the truth of his own life.

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