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The Least of These

Mask of Matthew
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K.E. Wass
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Rachael McGovern thought she found the perfect man in her charming, handsome husband Matthew. He comes from a rich family, so they are not only financially secure but emotionally, as well, especially following the birth of their children. Rachael thinks Matthew is a wonderful father to young Conner, but for some reason, he acts coldly toward their daughter, Reagan.April Le is a Vietnamese-American agent with the Department of Homeland Security, focusing on the child sex trade. Shes often haunted by her past and her job, but who wouldnt be? She cant believe the monsters that exist in America with no one the wiser. The pedophiles she deals with look like friendly neighbors, kind postmen, and respectable teachers. They hide in plain sight, which makes her job even harder.
Rachael and Aprils lives collide in a horrific and unexpected way when certain truths are revealed about Rachaels perfect family. Rachael, of course, cant believe the truth about the man she married, but April wont stop searching until her case is solved. Both women must come to terms with the terrors of reality, but will either of them heal from wounds much deeper than skin?

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