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Belonging: the Civil War’S South We Never Knew

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Derek B. Hankerson
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G.A. Henry defended a slave in court, but years later he fought for the Confederacy. The question is why?
Continuing the creative nonfiction narrative she began in her first book, All Bones Be White, Judith Shearer--whose family owned slaves--teams up with Derek Boyd Hankerson--some of whose family were slaves--to reveal Henrys motivations in the second part of an action-packed trilogy.

In the book, youll learn why some blacks fought for the South during the Civil War, how DNA testing is helping uncover new information about the past, and the black experience in the Southern states leading up to our nations deadliest war.

More importantly, youll find out what happened to Cassy, the Kentucky slave who was put on trial for allegedly killing a white woman. Henry did his best to save her life, but what happened would change the course of his life.

Delve into an important story thats been forgotten for too long, and gain a clearer picture of what the South was like for blacks before and during the nations split with Belonging: The Civil Wars South We Never Knew.

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