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The Death of Many
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Brandon J. Wilson
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Religion: The Death of Many digs into the Scriptures and lifts up its guidance for identifying the many ways that Satan uses to deceive the people of God. In the course of outlining this scriptural approach to discerning the truth of the diabolical forces arrayed against the church and its people, Brandon J. Wilson also describes how to overcome feelings of pain and rejection. In addition, he describes how to persevere against the forces that try to drag one away from God and to discern the truth about prophecies, distinguishing those that truly come from God from those Satan creates to deceive believers.
In its ten-chapter exploration, Religion addresses a variety of topics: understanding religion, the redeeming blood, prophecies, faithful giving, how God uses broken people, overcoming feelings of hurt in the church, the problem of evils existence, those who know rejection, getting back into the battle against evil, and words of encouragement. The discussions draw deeply from the well of the Scriptures to provide insights and guidance.

If you are a Christian or someone who has drifted away from practicing your faith, then Religion: The Death of Many offers words of encouragement and wisdom. It proclaims that God does not leave or forsake you, no matter how far astray you may have gone. God gives his word to strengthen your faith to withstand Satans deceptions, to overcome your pains and hurts, and to use wisdom to see the truth.

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