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An Unexpected Gift

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Deborah Chase Davis
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Long ago, in a far distant land, Sir Cull lived in a beautiful castle with his wife and children. In three days, his youngest son Samuel is celebrating a birthday. Sir Cull is secretly planning to get him something very special.
His journey to the village to retrieve the gift is successful, but during his overnight stay, the package is stolen. Sir Cull returns home without the present, and he is very disappointed he has nothing to give Samuel. But late at night, theres a knock at the castle door. The Blue Knight has arrived with a very big surprise.

A picture book for children, An Unexpected Gift tells the story of the beautiful devotion of a father for his son within an old-world system of honor and altruism.

Praise for An Unexpected Gift

As an uncle of four, Ive read my fair share of childrens books. An Unexpected Gift is a delightful story which teaches the blessings of doing good to others. The illustrations are vivid and fun, and I think my little nieces and nephews are going to love this book.

--John J. Horn, Author, The Boy Colonel,
The Lost Settlement, Brothers at Arms

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