Gramps Is Hard of Hearing
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Gramps Is Hard of Hearing

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Jane Soslow
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Caroline wants to go to the park with her grandfather, but she needs to ask him several times before he understands what she wants.
He keeps thinking shes asking something about the dark or other words that rhyme with park, but he finally gets the gist, and they set out to enjoy the day together.

As Caroline spends quality time with her grandfather, she learns all about hearing deficits, including what a hearing aid looks like, how it operates, and why it sometimes squeals when someone gets too close to it or when its adjusted.

Caroline and Gramps even find out they know some basic sign language that they can teach each other.

Filled with wonderful illustrations to help children understand concepts, this story celebrates family values and is a must-have for anyone hard of hearing who wants to develop a deeper understanding and a stronger bond with loved ones.

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