The Very Best Birthday Present Ever
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The Very Best Birthday Present Ever

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Jeannette P. Fuller
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It is an exciting day for Bird. It is his best friend, Owls, birthday! As Bird searches for a special gift for Owl, he worries whether he can find just the right thing.
Knitting Owl a lovely sweater to keep him warm in the winter seems like a great ideauntil Bird cannot decide what size to make it. Creating a painting for Owl seems like an even better ideauntil Bird cannot decide what colors to use. After his friends, Squirrel and Mouse, cannot offer any good suggestions, Bird suddenly comes up with a great idea! Now it is up to his little author friends to create their own ending to his story.

In this interactive childrens book, little ones are encouraged to illustrate and imagine the perfect ending for an entertaining tale about a birds determined quest to find a special birthday gift for his very best friend.

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