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Good or Evil
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Huda Ayaz
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Fifth-grader Samantha Ringle thought once she had saved Freeze-land, her quest was overno more secret planet of snow and no more crazy people trying to rule over it. But in the winter after her first adventure, Samanthas life takes an unexpected twist, and once again Freeze-land needs her.
As Samantha sets out to save the day once more, she believes it will be easier this time around. She has the help of children who went to Freeze-land before her, and she knows all she needed to defeat the evil dictator Ninstragger was a made-up spell (along with lots of persistence). But now she must face two of Ninstraggers siblings, both stronger than him and much stronger than Samantha can ever be. Rescuing Freeze-land from these two is going to be much harder than she thoughtespecially when it comes down to a question of choosing good or evil.

In this sequel to Freeze-Land: A New Beginning, a young girl must once again travel to a magical wintery land in order to save its people from a new evil.

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