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Taking Control and Gaining Focus

A Poetic Memoir of Self-Empowerment
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Alres J. Dinnall
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You will possess strength if youLove yourself first.
You will grow. You will be strong.
The magnitude of
Your greatness shall be unleashed!
With your strength,
You will move mountains ...

In her first collection of poems, Alres Dinnall shares reflections on lifes challenges and her quest for self-empowerment, self-love, freedom, and equality with the intent of inspiring girls and women to step outside of their comfort zones, seek independence, and faithfully move forward through fears and obstacles to achieve purpose in life.

Through a vivid poetic lens, Dinnall offers an insightful glimpse into the many issues that face females in todays world. From the awkwardness of puberty to societys shallow definition of beauty to racial tensions to the timeless wisdom provided by parents, Dinnall encourages others to reexamine the female experience, embrace all the beautiful colors of the world, listen to the heart, and always do the right thing.

Taking Control and Gaining Focus shares powerful and moving poetry that will encourage women and girls everywhere to embark on their own empowering journeys to seek happiness and a fulfilling purpose.

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