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Figaro Grows a Sweater

An Alpaca Story
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Caroline Gregg
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Figaro, the baby alpaca, is born on a spring day on Farmer Bobs farm in a field of long, soft, green grass. Hes covered in brown wool thats cozy and fluffy. He dreams of growing a sweater that will keep somebody warm and dry. Figaros mother tells him its going to be a big job and it will take a whole year for him to grow the wool necessary to create a sweater.
Figaro works hard to grow his wool. He eats all of his grass and hay every day; he runs and plays outside with his friends; and he has a big sleep every night. He even eats his vitamins. Soon, its time for him and his other alpaca friends to get haircuts. Its an exciting day on the farm. Figaro is nervous, but he likes his new haircut. Hes excited about contributing his wool for a sweater.

Figaro Grows a Sweater, a picture book for children by author Caroline Gregg, shares the story of the little alpaca Figaro who worked hard to grow a sweater that would keep someone warm and make them happy.

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