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The Angel Pond

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Sandy Malcore
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Do you want to go to a magical place which expels all sadness, madness and badness? All you need to do is find The Angel Pond.
It is a place the children in these stories know well. They decorate and populate the pond however they wish as youll see in twelve exciting adventures that lead to lessons about life.

In one adventure, Mercedes sees an angel named Faith who watches over the pond. Mercedes asks for a unicorn. Be still, believe, and it shall come to you, the angel tells her.

Mercedes soon sees a multicolored caterpillar, and as it gets closer, it becomes bigger and more beautiful and then it talks! But thats nothing compared to the incredible transformation it makes.

In another story, a young boy thinks about his Uncle John who died in a thing called war. The last time they spoke, Uncle John promised theyd have fun together again. At the pond, the boy finds his uncle told him the truth.

Other adventures feature a blue elephant named Ella, a green giraffe with yellow stripes, and all sorts of seemingly unbelievable things. But the most important lesson is how to enjoy magic of your own at The Angel Pond.

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