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From Under the Mulberry Tree

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D. Carver Brazwell
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In his first collection of poems, D. Carver Brazwell opens his Texas-size heart to reflect on his emotions, the sounds and beauty of nature, and his faith in God. From bygone days of his youth to the golden leaves of autumn and one last stroll down memory lane, Brazwell leads others on a beautiful lyrical journey that prompts self-reflection, encourages faith, and embraces hope.

"... This book reads like a breath of fresh air, not forgetting the past or the loved ones who have moved on, but serving as a reminder of the hardships and beauty of life ... I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to find more peace and beauty in lifes simple things."
--Christine Watson (Review for Reader Views (1/15))

"With an earthy tone and plenty of Texas spirit, Brazwell has presented his soul in words ..."
--Shayn D.

"Insightful, distinguished, and elegant! These poems have the hallmarks of a veteran poet/writer."
--Mark B.

"Outstanding book of poetry that is authentic and written from the heart of the author ..."
--Glinda A.

"... This piece is absolutely wonderful ... Bravo!"
--Lisa C.

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