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Carine El Natour
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Adolescence is generally considered to be an age of confusion. With the whirlwind of emotions felt, teenagers are lost.
Author and poet Carine El Natour is no exception. She finds herself at a crossroads in her life that will determine the path she takes through the future. As she wanders in this world and in her thoughts, searching for a better understanding, poetry served as an imaginary kingdom that offered an escapeher Wanderland. The verses included here are the result of that wandering. They explore a variety of themes, from friendship to love and from beauty to depression.

Offering a guide for young and wayfaring souls with a dash of rhyme, this poetry collection presents a heartfelt walk through the mind of a teenager.

Starlight kisses
Under the rain
With my hands on his cheeks
And his on my frame
Taste as sweet
As candy canes.

Starlight kisses
In the winter weather
With open eyes,
Frozen breaths,
And a taste so bitter.
--from Starlight Kisses

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