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Hey Girl Say It with Me … “#Iknowmyworth”

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Shamilya Woods
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Offering a sense of hope and motivation, Hey Girl Say it with Me #IKNOWMYWORTH, by author Shamilya Woods, presents a collection of empowering affirmations that speak to young women and girls about knowing themselves and who they are and what they can be.
Through a series of powerful words and pictures, this guide sends a message to encourage young girls to embrace their self-worth and to believe in themselves. Woods, a teacher and motivational speaker, believes that words have power, and these affirmations are designed to build character, confidence, and self-esteem within young women and girls

Some said that I wouldnt make it, that I wouldnt live. The odds were up against me, I made it and I am here for reason. Theres a plan and a purpose for my life. We all know that miracles happen every day; I am a miracle, I KNOW MY WORTH.

I stay ready, I stay booked, I believe in my creations, I believe in my business. I make the rules. I am my own boss! I am an entrepreneur, I KNOW MY WORTH.

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