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My Special Cupcake

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Julie Lyn Klingel
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When you think of a cupcake, what comes to mind?Is it the icing, the taste, or how its designed?
My special cupcake stands out from the rest.
Its made with ingredients that were put to the test.
It arrives at each party in a clear pastry box.
Get ready to see a cupcake that rocks!

For kids who have allergies or special dietary needs, birthday parties can sometimes be difficult. Often these kids have to bring their own desserts along with them. But this can be more than just different--it can be special! As the invitations come pouring in, each party presents an opportunity for a newly designed special cupcake. When it arrives at the party in a clear pastry box, made with unique ingredients, and is placed at the center of the table for everyone to see, its the cupcake that everyone wants!

In this childrens tale, a child with food allergies gets invited to birthday parties and has specially designed cupcakes delivered that everyone wants to try.

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