Abba, Father, Daddy
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Abba, Father, Daddy

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Ava Matthews
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“Mommy, where’s my daddy?” Many mothers find themselves facing that question and having to explain why someone their children loves is no longer in their lives. Sometimes it’s a permanent departure while in others, the separation is temporary.

In author Ava Matthews’ Abba, Father, Daddy, Jr. naturally wants to know why his father is suddenly not in his life. Many children are growing up in homes without fathers, and Matthews’ true-to-life storyline helps express the feelings many of those children experience. Jr.’s mother takes the opportunity to talk to him about God, the Father who is always with him and will never let him down. Abba, Father, Daddy encourages children to want to learn about their heavenly Father as their true Father.

Parents will want to read Abba, Father, Daddy to their children over and over again. Children, and even adults, will learn to look to God as their Father.

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