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A Book of Liberian Parables

Wise Sayings and Their Simple Interpretations
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Lulu V. Marshall
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A Book of Liberian Parables: Wise Sayings and Their Simple Interpretations presents a beautiful compilation of brief parables and wise sayings gleaned from the oral culture of Liberians. Using simple stories about life in everyday circumstances, each parable illustrates a wise moral for guiding ones life. In a few spots, lists of short aphorisms present expressions that offer insights for walking with ones neighbors and family along peaceful pathways. One maxim, for instance, observes, We can all sing together, but we cant all talk together, meaning, Talk one at a time to understand each other.In gathering, arranging, and sharing these cultural treasures, Lulu V. Marshall has crafted a work that invites readers of all ages to enjoy these cultural treasures either alone or by sharing with others. Because the collection avoids any strong or foul language, the readings are good for young and old alike.
If you enjoy learning about other locales by absorbing what people who live in those cultures find most memorable and desire to tell others or if you seek wise guidance for your life, then A Book of Liberian Parables will meet your needs with wit, whimsy, and wisdom.

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