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Men Can’T Cry

Based on a True Story
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Dimitra E.
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Lady Crescent was once a submissive woman, acutely aware of her sexuality and always on the lookout for adventure. When she travels to Switzerland, however, this sensual Greek-American goddess discovers the Maison de Sade and realizes being submissive might not be her ultimate fantasy after all.
In Zurich, she is taught the art of the dominatrix. The wealthiest one percent of society journey to the Maison to be humiliated and controlled, all at top dollar. The Maison is a full-service dungeon; in order to fulfill her tasks, Lady Crescent must learn quickly, and her transformation surprises even herself.

Soon, she turns from submissive to straight up dom. Powerful men submit to her every whim, her every desire, for their pleasure--and, she discovers, hers. She will become commanding and self-assured, fulfilling a new role in the world of sex, but only if she first lets go of fear and embraces the passions of her true self.

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