Manners and More for Boys
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Manners and More for Boys

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Gail Reed
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Boys who learn good manners at an early age develop self-control, make better choices, and become better people as adults.
They need perpetual guidance from adults in order to develop these values. There are certain skills that must be taught, practiced, and reinforced in order for young boys to grow into honorable young men.

This fun, illustrated guide will help you teach the special young boys in your life how to:

start the morning off right by brushing teeth, combing hair, and showering if needed;
greet friends, parents, and teachers in a friendly manner;
make introductions using a firm handshake and direct eye contact;
exhibit good body language and a positive attitude;
show good sportsmanship at all times;
behave appropriately with members of the opposite sex.

Having good manners is much more than simply saying please and thank you. Help your young man become an Extraordinary Gentleman with, Manners and More for Boys.

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