The Littlest Acorn
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The Littlest Acorn

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Amber Fuentes
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The yearly Crunchy Leaves Festival is coming to town, and it takes place in the forest. With the leaves turning their beautiful colors, this is the perfect setting. But the festival isnt just special for the people of this small town; it is also special for the animals that call this forest their home. They are busy preparing and stocking up for the winter. They are so excitedand for good reason. The animals have their own Crunchy Leaves Festival.
As all of the animals get ready for the festival, one little squirrel named Sophie is sad and lonely. She doesnt feel as pretty as the other squirrels. She also believes her tail isnt as bushy, shiny and full as the others. And, she has these big glasses that always fall down. Sir Frederick James the owl sees Sophies distress and swoops down to help. He gives her a magic acorn to help her realize how important she is.

Through words and pictures, The Littlest Acorn shares a story about the importance of confidence.

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